Thursday July 14, 2022

Author: Larry Barker

775 area code unless noted

GA giveaway

W wants

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Katherine 481-4848 misc hand tools/ swamp cooler downdraft $100/ Windows 10 processor $50

Randy in Hazen 338-5344 1990 Toyota pickup $140,000

Dave 666-8417 GA Queen size RV mattress /GA cushions for RV dining room

Rich 867-2637 two pair of new Wranger jeans 36×32 $20 each

Rich 720-8247 W people to help pack boxes in Silver Springs paid job/ 3 John Deere tractors

Randy 722-1852 five 26570R17 tires 50% tread $250 for the set

Dan 217-8227 caravan topper for 1980 Ford shortbed/two trolling motors/boat parts/5thwheel /W workers for Saturday to move furniture

Evelyn 426-9102 W someone to do yard work.

Jeff 427-3626 Metal art big bird free standing duck hunter fisherman and so forth

Ron 575-4963 woodworking power tools/collector plates Marilyn Monroe Yul Brynner/tackle boxes and poles

Bob 980-5521 Nine solar panels 64 watts power converter 2.4 KW/ Security 8 camera system/ tile saw/ GA chairs

May 217-0871 Printer ink 288XL for Epson printer/five tobacco pipes/ 3 wooden cigar boxes

Carl 463-1321 1924 hamilton pocket watch/ W bobcat welder generator

Ed 686-9121 Ruger mark 2 M77 bolt action $850 without scope/ odd jobs, yard or car work for hire/ 2008 Ford Taurus-X

Don 737-3801 W laying hens or pullets

Gary 427-6409 W 4 drawer filing cabinet

Julie 867-3974 TV brand new good size/ huskavana riding mower $2500 all attachments/W border collie pup. /Rims for 2005 Ford Mustajg

Wayne 666-5486 Lawn mower/ truck tires/

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