Wednesday July 13, 2022

Author: Larry Barker

775 area code unless noted

GA giveaway

W wants

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Jim 336-8957 W down draft AC for mobile home

Dan 217-8227 Caravan topper from mid 80s Ford $75 /boat parts/ 5th wheel assembly/ W workers to clear out house. Paid position

Katherine 481-4848 portable cement mixer / Downdraft swamp cooler 2 years old / Windows 10 processer

Steve 427-6815 two 5-lug trailer axles off 5th wheel, rims, etc. $200 electric brakes.

Julie 867-3974 Rims for a 2002 Mustang / Riding mower $2500

Ed 686-9121 Ruger mark 2 bolt action hardwood stock painted barrel rifle. $1000 Scope for rifle $300 / Wants odd jobs, car work, yard work, etc. Looking for man who needed sparkplugs changed

Chris 294-2138 Four16-inch aluminum Chevrolet rims and hubcaps / 16-inch 8 lug steel silver rims $40.00 /rear end from older Dodge pickup / 4-11 gears

888-870-7127 40 caliber pistol

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